jeudi 24 avril 2014

24/04 AKIHABARA!!!!


Now as most if not all of you know we are specially interested in this part of Town AKA ANIME TOWN!!

And we were not disappointed! AT ALL! We just wish we had more money...

There was just sooooooo much and it was so amazing and beautiful and and ... well I had not enough money T_T

Without any further ado PICTURE (not of figurines since the shops don't allow pictures inside)

And of couse one doe not step intop akihabara without going to a .... MAID CAFE!

Deli delicious moe moe kyuuuuu (L)

And doesn't Quentin look sooo cute with his bunny ears?   hihihi...

Well that is all for today! see ya tomorrow!

the 3 musketers

6 commentaires:

  1. So amanzing !!!!
    but gay,s Apple store !!!??

    1. nope just the apple corner of a freaking huge mall

  2. and ... yes ,you are all so cute ... :-P

  3. Wow! Everything looks great!!!!! I'm envious, i want to be there.

    Have tons of fun and enjoy every minute of it :D

  4. maravilhosas fotos :-) beijinhossssssss..

    Anna Lucia