mercredi 30 avril 2014

28/04 29/04 Tokyo Budokan, Nakano Broadway and Gundam Front

HI everybody!

Fisrt let me apologize for nbot posting yesterday and the day before....

I was feeling tired and little sick but today I am much better! But since it is raining we will be staying around the hotel for the  day.

But fist I going to post here the picture we took the last 2 days (not much since the shops as alway wont let people take picture of there stuff)

So first we went to the Tokyo Budokan, an arena for martial arts. There was no official contest or practise that day but we were able to see the practice of tradicional Japanese archery.

After that we went to Nakano Broadway, an old mall with lots of small shops, most of them anime related (at least on the 2nd and 3rd floor!), so yeah happy moment for us!

Unfortunatly we only have the pictures of the entrance ...

and that was all for the 28th

and yesterday we wnet to GUNDAM FRONT! Gundam gundams everywhere!!!!!

and that was it! I don't know if I'll post something about today depends obn what we do and find

the 3 musketeers!" 

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  1. ohh. Budokan seems awesome! :)

    Man, shame you aren't able to take pictures inside... makes me drool :P But the ones your posting are great, already shows how great it is!!!!

    Have Fun! Make the best of everyday even if it's raining! You're only there for a short while, who cares if you get peunomia afterwards ^_^