jeudi 24 avril 2014

EDO Tokyo Museum, senso-ji temple

So as pronised here are the pistures of yesterday's trip!

So fusrt I amn going to show how we got here : TIRED!

we landed catch a train to hotel shower and off to dream land!

now the next day after a nice sleep we went to some interesting places 

first we went to a sumo museum! 

But pictures were not allowed inside, but the building itself was very interesting! 

Funny story when we went inside we didn't known it was a sumo museum anbd thought it was the Tokyo EDO musuem but... nope it wasn't 

you see the picture bellow? you see the HUGE building on the right? yes you get it! THAT's the Tokyo Edo Museum! 

And inside was fantastic! I tookway too many pictures to post them all so I'll post just some of them

and believe me this is truly a place to go see if you ever go to Tokyo!

And this is just a preview! Afterwards we went and have lunch in a very nice restaurant near the musuem

Looks good right? Well it's delicious! hihihi

IN the afternoon we went to a traditional shinto temple, Senso-ji and man did we feel small the thing is HUGE! The only downside of the day was that the sakura's had already bloomed... But it was fun anyway!

So you can see the buildings are ... well big!

And that was pretty much it for that day... we walked all day so we just went home grabed something to it and called it a day!

oh PS: Mike and Quentin went to the batting Center and and pretty much missed all the balls but managed to do 2 homeruns (for Mike) and 3 (for Quentin) But we forgot to take pictures.
But as the boys want to go there again we will take them next tim!

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  1. ok ... cool,with all i saw ,i will make my gift list !! can i ???

    1. sure you cn just don't hope we will be paying for it lol

  2. adirei :-) beijinhosssssss <3

    Anna Lucia