mercredi 23 avril 2014


HI all!! So we finaly got here yesterday night (at least here in japan, it was about 9 am in portugal) and maaaannnnn we were tired no time for anything except eat and sleep.

Now today we went to some interesting places! The Tokyo EDO museum and by the way IT'S AWESOME!!! And to fantastic temple, and believe me or not I saw sumo wrestlers dancing I love you baby!

I took a video! which I'll post when I find a cable to conect the camera to the computer (I forgot to bring it...)

Soooooooo tomorrow since I go to akihabara I'll buy  a cable and post the pictures from today and tomorrow  on the same post!

See ya all tomorrow!!!!!!

greetings from the 3 musketers.

4 commentaires:

  1. hahah noona do you always have to forget something at home? :p haaa babooo have fun you guys wish you the best there in Japan saranghae <3

  2. Team ... have fun and enjoy. You deserve it :) Kind Regards Ricardo Tomas